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What is Calor Radiante?

Although some single-brand companies pretend to have invented infrared heating recently, the system has existed for a long time.

conventional heating

The Ancient Romans heated up their homes with wood fires under their houses and hot gases ran under the ground and inside the walls. (left) This means that they heated up the ground and the walls and not the air inside the rooms.

The porcelain stoves are very famous worldwide, known as ?Kachelofen?, which have been used in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for centuries and are still being used today. They emit a very pleasant heat. Sometimes they are located in the centre of the house and the walls of the stove are next to different rooms (photo 2). In this same way, a single stove can heat up a rather large house.

Now soapstone ovens take over the torch. Both produce a large amount of infrared waves and very little convection that results in a very economic consumption. The porcelain and soapstone stoves produce very good long wave infrared radiation. Even though they have a lot of advantages, they also have disadvantages: the price of the purchase, and the installation, is rather high. They also weigh a lot and take a long time to heat up, you need to store fire wood, fill the stove with fire wood, remove the ashes, clean it…

The electric infrared panels work in the same way, but the electric systems are less pricey, much easier to use and to adjust to each situation and they take up less space. Their installation is very easy.

The truth is that the industry has been manufacturing convection heating systems for purely economic reasons. It is a lot easier, cheaper and simpler to manufacture heaters that simply heat up the air that runs through them instead of manufacturing infrared panels. The difficult thing is just the opposite: to avoid the air from heating up inside or near to the heater.

In 1984 the manager of CALOR RADIANTE S.L.U. started to sell electric infrared heating systems in Belgium. Now we are located in Costa Blanca. At that time there were not many brands or designs. Now there are many more manufacturers and different designs, but the principle is the same: to heat up materials, however as little as possible the air itself.

Over these last years, many systems have appeared and disappeared, some called “miracle systems”. At Calor Radiante we are always looking for innovation on the market, but our years of experience have allowed us to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Calor Radiante is a multi-brand company: we never sign a contract with any manufacturers if it means only being able to sell their brand, so that we can ultimately offer our customers the most suitable heating for each situation, their preferences, budgets etc…

There are unibrand companies that offer aluminium ceiling panels; Calor Radiante has them. Other companies insist that the panels need to be made of glass; Calor Radiante offers them.

The prodcut range of Calor Radiante products includes:

  • Smooth panels for the walls, made of various materials (aluminium, glass, porcelain…), with or without a thermostat.
  • Panels with protection screen, for the wall or portable.
  • Ceiling panels, made of aluminium, glass, ground glass.
  • Infrared heating for the bathroom.
  • Sheets or blankets for in the floor, the ceiling or the wall.
  • Industrial heating, for offices, warehouses, etc.
  • Heating for terraces.

All systems use electricity as energy source.


  • Eassy connection. The heating panels with thermostat are just put into the socket. The installation of the fibres etc. is easily done by an electrician.
  • With the use of solar energy, wind energy and so on, electricity is becoming more and more a clean energy.
  • No consumption of oxigen in the room.
  • No risk of explosion.
  • Because of the low temperatures, no fire risks.
  • The warmth is produced on the spot. No losses though pipes (central heating) or chimney.

The wholerange of Calor Radiante products are of the highest quality. Infrared heating systems do not necessarily have to be expensive, but one thing is true: cheap things generally turn out to be more expensive.

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