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Infrared Heating FAQ

    • I have a heater with quartz tubes. This is also infrared heating, isnt it?

      Yes, but those heaters use short wave infrared rays (visible infrared) that die out quickly. They also have reflectors that send the rays in one direction what makes it impossible to warm the whole room. The return is therefore merely mediocry. Our systems use long wave infrared (invisible infrared).

    • Arent those infrared heating rays dangeroes?

      No! All the materials send out infrared warmth, one better than others. We ourselves also send out infrared rays. Those rays are e.g. detected by infrared alarm sytems. That way we lose warmth. When you are close to a cold wall, you will lose more warmth at that side by radiation and you will feel cold. The opposite happens when, on a summer evening, you walk along a wall that has been shined on by the sun. You will feel a cosy warmth. This is just what happens with infrared heating.

    • Can I get tanned from infrared heating?

      No! Only invisible infrared waves are produced, no UV!.

    • Why can the room temperature kept lower?

      Haven’t you sunbathed in a ski area at temperatures below zero? The infrared rays of the sun, reflected by the snow, warm up your skin directly and that way your body. Exactly that way infrared heating works in your house. Therefore you can put the thermostat 2-3 degrees Celcius lower. That way you save energy and money.

    • I warm with the airconditioning but by turns I feel hot and cold.

      This is one of the desadvantages of air heating: when the device stops, the temperature drops quickly because the walls stay cold. This does not happen with radiation heating. The walls and the objects in the room keep on radiating their smooth warmth.

    • Is floor heatingĀ infraredĀ heating?

      Yes, 100%. In areas with strong and long winters, floor heating works perfectly. In areas with smooth winters like the Mediterranean area, the slowness of the system is rather a drawback. During the day, generally there is no need at all to heat, only in the evening. Therefore, a quick system, like SUPERSER is much more effectively. You swich on the heating element and within a few minutes you feel warm. When you go to bed, you just swich it off. Radiation fibres put directly under a laminate is also reasonably quick.

    • Which devices warm up the air (convection heating)?

      Nearly all:
      – Airconditioning.
      – All heaters with a fan.
      – Convectors.
      – Oil radiatos, central heating, electrical radiators: only a very small part of the produced warmth is radiation. Only a very small portion consists of infrared heat. The name radiator is therefore deceiving.

    • Infrared heating systems are not cheap. Isnt it better to buy something cheap?

      Who nowadays doubt about the advantages of energysaving lamps? In rooms where you need heating frequently, it is worthwhile to get a radiation heating device. The difference in price is regained quickly. In the meantime you take advantage of more comforting warmth. The heating elements have also a long product life.

  • Can I try out a infrared heating element?

    With pleasure, we come at home for a demonstration, without any engagement for yourselves. Moreover you can return the goods within 10 days in the original packaging and we will refund you. (Obviously this is not possible for installed fibres e.g.).

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